Zalto glasses

Elegant vinnglasserie som vinner over flere og flere vinkjennere. Would you pay $for one wine glass ? Yes, “one,” as in the number. It has only been around a few years, quietly making a small range of beautifully made, competitively priced products, that deliver the wine superbly. Zalto is of the highest quality.

Every glass is a masterpiece and differs in haptics and optics from all other glasses.

In our business of importing wine, we first came across them being used by Austrian winemakers and immediately knew they had to be brought to the US. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to. Which wine glasses are the cool kids coveting these days?

Any other glass just seems a bit clod hopping. Best of all, the manufacturers say they are best washed in a regular dishwasher. Particularly good for enhancing the sweeter, fruit characteristics of a wine.

The Wall Street Journal – Glassware That Raises the Wine Bar by Lettie Teague.

The elegant designs are crafted from lead-oxide free glass for cloud-resistant, durable, and feat. We are delighted to now be stocking what are perhaps the finest wine glasses on the market today. Almost all other glass makers use a high . Very limited production and healthy demand means these are not widely available and yet they are a must have for serious (or even frivolous) wine drinkers.

Each crystal glass is mouth blown and unusually but significantly . All of them hand-blown by highly skilled glassblowers. If you do not believe me I challenge you to come in . From the perfectly executed balance to the extraordinary design. The perfectly executed balance and extraordinary design create a glass that seems nearly too delicate to hold. The best Bordeaux, Burgundy and white wine glass in expert blind tasting. Francois Mauss, president of the Grand Jury European.

Save 25$ when you buy the box of 6! Accentuates complexity and finesse. My experience is limite since I recently got the glasses. My conclusions so far: The Burgundy glass is for the most aromatic wines.