Wine glass to put on bottle

Hint: Did you know this glass fits in beer, soda and cider bottles too? Just put it in the dishwasher top rack. Add both to Cart Add both to List. Buy the selected items together.

This device turns your wine bottle into a glass. Get some tinnies for the trip home and invariably they spill everywhere and you end up sitting in sticky gin .

Pouring is boring – streamline the process of getting alcohol into your system using this wine bottle glass attachment. The high quality borosilicate glass. But I can put that entire bottle of self-indulgent smugness into my giant wine glass and make you pay another $so you can have some.

And yes, I do bring my own wine glass to restaurants. The basics on serving wine including tips from picking the right wine glasses to pouring wine without spilling. Some of these tips will even improve the flavor of wine. Perfect for a wine-lover!

Add a bottle of wine to your gift.

We’ve got an ingenious solution to solve the problem of having to refill your glass once you’re settled on the sofa! This fun gift needs little introduction. Wine is a peculiar beverage . With one quick turn of the hea there is the remainder of the bottle , still sitting there, what feels like acres away, in the very same place you left it…. Put down your puny glasses and make way for the King Kong of vessels! This majestic beast makes a mockery of ordinary glasses.

No more time consuming trips on the old sip train. Finally, your big reds and mighty whites have met their match. Go ahead and try to fill. A wine accessory is generally any equipment that may be used in the storing or serving of wine. Place the water glass above the knife with the wine glasses to its left because: (1) everyone needs to drink more water, so that glass should be the easiest to grab, and (2) water pitchers tend to be much heaver than wine bottles so this facilitate refilling.

If there is a dessert wine, we prefer to bring out . Packing the bulkier soft goods is no big feat, but what are you supposed to do when it comes time to move your wine collection and assortment of crystal and champagne flutes? And let me add I have worked as a waiter and back server (the guy who brings you bread and water) in the past in two restaurants, including a very high-end one with an extensive wine list. But what if you only want a single glass of wine with dinner?

What if you have to drive home later? A bottle of wine is meant to be enjoyed once, but our custom etched glasses and engraved wood boxes will last forever. Our accessories are the perfect companion to custom wine and champagne gifts but are also superb enough to stand on their own.

Give a unique personalized gift .