Den ble befolket i det 7. It was first settled in the year 4and has been referred to as the parent island from which Venice was populated. Much of the island is a nature reserve, accessible only on the . Its main structure is its cathedral, the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, which dates back to the 7th century. Up in the northern lagoon, choked with mud flats and marshes, this silent island was once a busy and important town.

These days there are probably fewer than people who actually live on the islan which is primarily a nature reserve now, but at one point it was where most of the citizens of . Already habited in Roman times, between the 5th and 6th centuries the Island became the refuge of the people of the city of Altino as a result of the barbarian invasions. Book a Luxury Palace hotel in Venice. Founded in ad 4by refugees from Altino on the mainlan the bishopric of Altino was transferred there in the 7th century. To the main menu at the page bottom. Modern Art Gallery – Historic Garden.

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This particular name has no certain origines, some people say that it comes from the nickname of a family who used to live there, but other people think that is connected to an ancient story, a legen where the main character are a witch, a young Austrian soldier, . Byzantine times of the highest importance. The most famous of the Venetian islands, they are known throughout the world for their picturesque scenery, handicrafts, and history. An elaborate horizontal pattern composed of ornamental floral motifs, scrolling leaves and trelliswork in chinoiserie style. You can also take a gondola down the canal to the cathedral. The island is small and entirely walkable.

A sconce with classical inspiration and clean design. It represents the physical space where Venetian collective memory started. Today it is almost deserte and it has a permanent residential population of just inhabitants. Tourists and Venetians consider it a . Torcello symbolizes the mythic birthplace of Venice. He was one of the oldest and most prosperous settlements in the lagoon, until decline resulting from the predominance of nearby Venice and to changing environmental conditions.

Currently the island counts just fifteen residents, but the priceless archaeological heritage which still preserves . It was one old the most ancient resettlement of the lagoon until the downhill due to the predominance of Venice and due to the change of the enviromental conditions. This is a great way to see more than just the. Samle netter med Hotels.

Cruise across the waters of the Venetian Lagoon to visit famous islands, each with its own unique ambiance and time-honored traditions. Step aboard a public boat near illustrious St. They offer unique sites and experiences including beautiful colourful buildings, a Cathedral dating back to 6A. D and a famous Glass-making industry. Read more about them here.

His art-filled home is open to visitors. During the tour, he explains why this is the most beautiful place in the world.