Royal delft

Most visits to the city of Delft include a factory tour of this great company. Of the dozens of original 17th century Dutch pottery makers, only De Porceleyne Fles remains in operation. Visit the original (and only remaining) Delft factory from the 17th century.

It is known for its Delftware production, which has been active for more than 3years, without interruption. We zijn wereldwijd bekend om de bijzondere uitstraling en hoogwaardige kwaliteit van ons Delfts Blauw, en Leerdam Kristal. Delftware pottery form the th century is on display and visitors have the opportunity to learn how Delftware is produced.

Designer fabrics for Interior Designers. During a visit to royal Delft , you will make a journey through the rich history of the century-old pottery. Courtesy of Nicolette Mayer). By Marni Jameson, IJ correspondent.

Royal Delft , Delft: Rated 4. Or upload your own photos and create your personal wall decoration online. Your favourite photos on your wall in no time. Add to Wishlist loading. TripAdvisor among 1attractions in Amsterdam. Catching on to the popularity of Chinese porcelain, Delft became the Dutch source of blue and white pottery as demand in Europe grew.

Ceramic Delftware has never been more popular or collectible. To this day Delft Blue is painted here by hand according to centuries old tradition. It is therefore, the oldest factory of its kind where the Delft Blue is still entirely produced according to centuries-old traditions, namely by hand. Every year, the museum proves itself to be the visit card of the country, whereas we . Here the renowned Delft Blue is still entirely hand painted according to centuries- old tradition.

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With a bistro and bar right downstairs, and everything you need on the main strip of downtown Lynden, this is the perfect place to stay with your f. With over 140visitors coming to view the traditional process of Delft earthenware every year, the museum has grown into one of the major tourist attractions . These are only just a couple of examples of the fun activities! Read further to learn more about . Visit Delft and enjoy all highlights this city has to offer! At what time the first factories started is not known with certainty. We know that in other places such as Amsterdam, Haarlem and Middelburg in the second half of the 16th century .