Nixie drone

Video production continues to surprise us with new technologies like this wristband drone. Nixie is a tiny flying photographer. Introducing Nixie: the first wearable camera that can fly – ,rh:.

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Our COO and co-founder Jelena some of the questions we hear most often in this article, like So how does it work because that sounds a little like magic to me. The endless possibilities are amazing. Tell that to the Drone Racing League. This is because this is one of the latest drones on the market, with some special features.

It is important to make sure that you know the difference between this drone and other, normal . Next step, will be battle of selfie drones smashing to each other. In fight for space, so much needed to photograph their masters.

Feature indeed already here. Don`t get me wrong, from technology perspective this is really cool. It is just those selfie-people are crazy. We have already covered drones that will follow you, but there is a new project worth mentioning that promises just that, but with a special twist. But a flick of the arm deploys the unit to shoot video and take stills, and then return to you after a predetermined mission.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. With early adopters looking forward to the first wearable drone , the startup behind the drone has answered some very important questions regarding Nixie. Here are the from a source provided to SimpleBotics.

Battery life will last a full . Image courtesy of Nixie. If I had to name three hot topics in consumer tech world right now, I could do worse than to pick wearables, selfies and drones. Billed as “the first wearable . Yes, The Jetsons era is finally here.

The tiny drone , aimed primarily at rock climbers and other adventure sport enthusiasts, clings to your wrist, before unfolding and flying off . Are Wearable Drones Buzzing on the Horizon?

Source: Live Science) Sometime in the near future, drones may be wearable and may even become our buddies — at least if one futurist has any say in the matter. But now the developers of a new quadcopter drone hope to revolutionize the way we take photos of . Moving from concept to reality, the small wristband drone dazzled the CES crowd and tech community.