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Suitable for both day and night use. This set includes vivid colours. These paints are easily applie dry quickly . See more ideas about Neon party, Face paintings and Artistic make up. Planning your festival look?

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Available in Colours ~ Choose Your Colour From The Drop Down List. Neon UV Holi throwing Powder (various colours). UV Face Paint Neon Body Paint 50ml. UV or neon painting is extremely popular for many types of events – in particular for nightclub events. Great for promotional events and themed parties.

Buy at The Glow Company. Learn how to truly glow in the dark with these simple neon face paint designs using our UV face paint. A basic rundown on these paints.

UV face and body paints are paints that have ultraviolet properties. When these paints are exposed to uv black lights they illuminate. The advantage of using uv paints over glow in the dark paints is as long as these uv paints are exposed to uv black lights they will light up and fluoresce. Dat face and body paint will have you so lit that everyone would love to get abducted with ya bb. Purple colored face and body paint featurin a matte payoff dat.

Neon designs are very popular these days especially at blacklight parties. Neon Face Paint Design Contest $1to the contest winners! Show us your skills in doing face paint designs under the blacklight! Prizes Our contest will be having two (2) winners!

Bright Neon colour UV body paints to be used for special effects and UV face painting , which glow under uv light (Ultraviolet Light or Backlight). The colours are waterproof after application so will not run with sweat. Perfect for Neon parties, Raves, Ni. Prices for neon face paint. Moon Glow Intense Neon R3from stores.

UV Glow Blacklight Face R640. We stock a great range of products at everyday prices. Clubcard points on every order.