Nanolex coating

Look how amazing is coating of this Fiat 5Sport. Perfect Beading of nanolex product. Based on its unique Si3D technology, Nanolex Car Care offers a range of products specifically developed and.

Nanolex Nano One er en vannbasert coating som både renser, frisker opp, fornyer og beskytter bilens lakkerte overflater. Produktet, som er utviklet og produsert i Tysklan er en kremaktig sammensetning basert på nanoskalerte abrasiver og voks.

Nano One frisker opp slitt og oksidert lakk, fjerner mikroriper og binder en . Nanolex SiShield is a ceramic coating developed to provide outstanding chemical and mechanical resistancy combined with great ease of use. Nanolex SiShield provides superb corrosion protection and hardness for all painted surfaces as well as metal and hard plastics. Thanks to a very high level of hydrophobicity and.

Like its forebears in the Nanolex range, it simultaneously protects and enhances the appearance of automotive paint, this time for upwards of eighteen months at a time. Nanolex Si3D is a cutting edge silica-based coating developed in Germany. During the application process it forms an extremely tough chemically resistant . Si3D Coating is unlike traditional protective coatings such .

The sophisticated ingredients on which the coating is based generate an irreversible molecular bonding with the acrylic and polycarbonate surface. UV-stable ceramic and modified acrylic resins form the characteristic 3D structure of the Nanolex coating products, . Duurzame coating die tot wel 30. Used by professional detailers over countries globally.

Maakt de kleur intenser en donkerder. PROMO and OFFER ongoing, pls pm for. Ultra Glass Sealant Kit. Si3D Paint Coating Complete Kit – 50ml. They keep the paint shiny.

Both are goo and use the same active hardening compound. Nanolex is a wholesale distributor of high quality car care products, car care supplies and auto sealants. It uses a water-based type of the sol-gel system to install an interlace self organising net of organic and inorganic nano-scale compounds. This new Si3D product will be available to selected auto detailers across North America and distributed by Detailers Domain.

The application makes for a good experience and the are even . Een keiharde kwartscoating (nano coating ) die je lak beschermt en laat glanzen. The Si3D BC coating is highly suited to layering, therefore delivering an outstanding finish.

Wij werken zelf voornamelijk met Types Coatings van Nanolex voor de lak en diverse anderen voor Glas, Rubbers, Plastics, Leder en Textiel. De Clean Coat is een “snelle” Coating . Nanolex Glass Urban er en avansert sammensatt løsemiddelbasert coating , som danner en midlertidig barrière mot vann, olje, skitt og smuss på frontruter og bilglass.