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All the product are handcrafted by the most skilled hands of Muranese masters. Every day we spread in more than 1countries the beauty of glass artworks that are born in the ancient furnaces of the Murano Island. Every glass object from Murano merges two souls: the traditional approach by the artist who works the matter and the creativity of the designer who gives shape to the emotions. Authenticity guaranteed.

Original Murano Glass creations for your Home Decor. Certified products by the most.

In addition to the glass museum, a tour of one or more of the glass factories is the main attraction on Murano. Murano glass is still interwoven with Venetian glass. Taking note of the information (read). Create your personal account and make your Shopping Experience exclusive.

Welcome to the Ex Chiesa di Santa Chiara online shop. Just as within our shop on Murano, with your. Buy authentic Murano lighting, lamps, venetian chandeliers on our shop. Only 1 original chandeliers, table lamps, glassware, vases handcrafted by the venetian glass masters.

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Are you looking for a Murano Glass shop in Melbourne? Have you ever thought about ordering Murano Glass online ? How can you order your favorite Murano Glass chandeliers and any other creation? Alessandro Tagliapietra, buy online : you can send your enquiry to Alessandro Tagliapietra by clicking on its name and visiting its own page. Each glass is handcrafted using the.

This watch has a quartz movement (Seiko) and metal Gold case. The Corte Murrina brand is born to pay . Exquisite vase, hand-sculpted from Venetian glass of the very finest quality. All the creations are completely hand made from the most prestigious contemporary art glassmasters. You can pass from blowed vases on missive glass to abstract sculture to lamps and lost more.

Blown Vases, Picasso Sculptures. Products at murano – glass. Customize your dreams with . Gioielli in vetro di murano.

As said before, only the secretive Venetian goldsmiths on the island of Murano know how exactly these glass beads are made, but the silver foil in the bead is easy to recognize and evolves the rocky cool charm of the magic mountain, even if not of Thomas Mann, of the Grimm magic mountain.