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Rapporter et annet bilde Rapporter det støtende bildet. Northern Ireland murals,rh:alphahistory. To learn more about this period of history, wander the streets to take in the sights of colourful murals depicting this time.

A country historically divided along religious and political lines, both the Protestant UK Unionist population and the Catholic Irish Republican community have utilised the arts in all their forms to express their trenchant viewpoints. An Introduction to Murals.

In this documentary, leading murals. If the walls of the cities could talk, they would tell us many stories. Belfast: The Institute of Irish Studies, The . The aim of this webpage is to become a . One of the murals which has been painted over.

Are they trying to whitewash history? With over 0murals throughout the city, .

What function do they serve? In the first place, they can be simply good to look at and used to illustrate a point. Secondly, they can be used as probes to explore what people think or . The images are records which include the representation of history, the expression of political standpoints, the articulation of.

The murals were giant propaganda cartoons painted during the Troubles. And so ex- prisoners such as Culbert – who politely explains that he spent nearly 16 . In some cases, the history is recent. Numerous murals that exist in . Rules Please ensure that each image: 1. Shows a mural that has a political message or that identifies with a particular political community. Has such a mural as its main subject.

Is significantly different from other images that you . But, once here, many are surprised at just how many have little, or no, political allegiances. Political, historical, sporting, industrial and literary, these pieces of public art give real insights into the local culture and traditions. The best way to see them is to take a dedicated Black Taxi Tour with great commentary from a local, you could even . Throughout the Troubles both Republicans and Loyalists painted large murals on buildings.

The collection is also at the center of a project engaging students with primary resources. Summary of project intent. His publications on wall murals. But the subjects of the paintings are changing.

A mural features Irish boxer Michael Conlan winning a bronze medal in the flyweight division at. During the Troubles, murals were a visual tapestry that reflected as much the events that took place as the sentiments of the communities involved.