Norske navn i parentes er ikke offentlige navn. Uglefamilien ( Strigidae). Screech owls or screech-owls are typical owls (Strigidae) belonging to the genus Megascops.

Twenty-one living species are known at present, but new ones are frequently recognized and unknown ones are still being discovered on a regular basis, especially in the Andes. For most of the 20th century, this genus was . It is common at La Planada Nature .

Family: Strigidae (Typical Owls). American Screech Owls are relatively small and most have erectile ear-tufts and short, rounded wings. Each species has two distinctly different calls, known as the A-song and B-song.

El Tecolote occidental ( Megascops kennicottii) es una especie de ave de presa nocturna nativo de América Central y América del Norte. Pertenece al género Megascops en la familia Strigidae. Hay actualmente nueve subespecies reconocidas. El nombre científico conmemora el ornitólogo americano Robert Kennicott.

El Autillo bigotudo ( Megascops trichopsis), también conocido como tecolote bigotudo o tecolote rítmico, es una pequeña ave de presa nocturna en la familia Strigidae, nativo de América Central y América del Norte.

Photo: (c) greglasley, algunos derechos reservados (CC BY-NC), uploaded by Greg . Megascops screech-owls are endemic to the New World and range from southern Canada to the southern cone of South America. The currently recognized Megascops species occupy a wide range of habitats and elevations, from desert to humid montane forest, and from sea level to the Andean tree line. This report may be cited as follows: COSEWIC. COSEWIC assessment and status report on the Western Screech-Owl kennicottii subspecies Megascops kennicottii kennicottii and the Western Screech-Owl macfarlanei subspecies Megascops kennicottii macfarlanei in Canada. Committee on the Status of Endangered.

Illustrations of the Birds of California, Texas, Oregon , British and Russian America, pt. Oaxaca Screech Owl Formerly in genus Otus, formerly considered a subspecies of Megascops asio. Megascops synonyms, Megascops pronunciation, Megascops translation, English dictionary definition of Megascops. Minerva, bird of night, owl, hooter – nocturnal bird of prey.

At an average 1g ( oz), it is 1. A small (7-inches) owl, the Eastern Screech-Owl is most easily identified by its size, streaked breast, and ear-like feather tufts. This species has two color morphs, one with gray plumage and the other with rusty- red plumage. Male and female Eastern Screech-Owls are similar to one another in all . Reference for: Megascops asio. Notes: Zoonomen Nomenclatural data maintained by Alan P. Information about the Eastern Screech-Owl ( Megascops asio), a species found in the State of Texas.

Criteria: B1ab(i,ii,iii,v);CClick here for more information about the Red List categories and criteria.

Justification of Red List category. However, this is not yet severely fragmented or . The Eastern Screech-Owl is a short, stocky bir with a large head and almost no neck. Pointed ear tufts are often raise lending its head a distinctive silhouette.

A small owl, slightly larger and considerably bulkier than a European Starling. Tropical Screech Owl – Megascops choliba – Colombian Screech owl Western Screech Owl, Megascops. The poorly known Cloud-forest Screech Owl ( Megascops marshalli) is a Peruvian endemic known from only two localities, and its vocalizations have not been documented.

The diet patterns and trophic relationships are poorly understood for most tropical owl species.