Kb sound iselect manual

Før anlegget installeres, les og følg instruksene i produktets installeringsmanual. Den glir diskret inn i omgivelsene på . SELECT FM User Manual iSELECT DAB User Manual iSELECT 2. Select DAB is a sound device specially designed for quick and easy installation. Installation Manual iSELECT 5″ Installation Manual.

It fits discreetly into the decor of your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in your home. For further details please Section of the user manual which can be found within your product or it can be downloaded at the . Space er er multirom system hvor du selv setter sammen komponenter. Space har et diskret design som vil integreres i ditt hjem uansett interør og atmosfære.

Fjernkontroll med display og tastatur som kontrollerer ulike lydkilder. Kan benyttes med egne h. It has the easy to use features and the great sound of the Select 2. View and Download EisSound KBSound iSelect user manual online.

KBSound iSelect Remote Control pdf manual download. Also for: Kbsound space. That means that the OFF state (as indicated in this manual ) really means a “standby” state. Bluetooth dongle or ipod dock.

SPACE will turn on with the audio and station frequency settings saved as “ideal”. Bufret Oversett denne siden Q. Why does my iSelect automatically switch on at random? Remarques générales de fonctionnement. Guide de référence rapide. Réglage de la mise en marche.

Utilisation du tuner FM. Instructions Importantes de Sécurité. A top quality DAB tuner provides the iSelect with exceptional clarity of sound. KBSOUND iSelect is now more than just a hidden radio.

Each KB SOUND iSelect kit is supplied complete with everything needed for a quick and easy installation. No expensive remote controls, no expensive keypads and NO WIRES!