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You have to write about cows as well. PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: Four years ago, a shepherd from the famously beautiful Lake District in England began chronicling on the internet the daily goings on of his sheep, dogs and his mountain country farm. James Rebanks became a Twitter sensation and then wrote a book which became a . It was a decision that changed his life, growing to more. Supplied: Penguin Books UK) . This Interview with Harriet Fraser reflects his passion for the land and its farming heritage.

An abandoned building in Owsley County, Kentucky. MATTERDALE, England — I am a traditional small farmer in the North of England. I farm sheep in a mountainous landscape, the Lake District fells.

It is a farming system that dates back as many . I farm Herdwick and Swaledale sheep in the English Lake District. Breeding a good flock is like producing a Picasso. James is a passionate advocate for heritage breeds of sheep, cattle and crops, and farming in the tried-and-tested older ways that . Gathering is the process by which or more men and women from the different farms — and their many sheepdogs — work collectively to bring all their. Rebanks is a shepherd in the far north of Englan on land his family has farmed since ancient days. He went to Oxfor and then came home.

In March last year I was asked by Delicious. We drive to the Lake District in an Audi Qto lend him a hand during lambing season. Centuries of effort have gone into this farm and this flock. Sunrise on a Tuesday morning in Cumbria… Views: 468. In Matterdale, Cumbria, in a modest farmhouse made out of a traditional hay barn and cow byre, which we completed in . View Programme information.

Job TitleHill Farmer and Author. He lives and works from his home in the Lake District World . A graduate of Oxford University, James works as an expert advisor to UNESCO on sustainable tourism. Thorneythwaite Farm is no more thanks to the National Trust coming straight in with a bid of £950for . Audio of that conversation is available HERE.

Rebanks has brought a lifestyle kept alive by a few hundred farming families in the Lake District of England to readers around the globe. Located in the picturesque surroundings of the Lake District, few types of vehicles are suited to the terrain and conditions of Racy Ghyll Farm which comprises steep .