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I farm Herdwick and Swaledale sheep in the English Lake District. It was a decision that changed his life. Rebanks now has nearly 80followers around the worl and they cannot get enough of the daily happenings of his sheep, his dogs and his . A sensation in the United Kingdom and in the U. James Rebanks has given us an eye-opening.

I have a million and one ideas whizzing around my head and a whole host of different . A version of this article appears in print on March. An international best seller in countries such as Irelan Australia, The US, Canada and the UK. He began his writing career with a Twitter Blog around three years ago, on which he had in the excess of 80followers. The Lake District has a hard northern beauty in winter. The jagged bones of the landscape poke out like the ribs on a starving horse.

The greenery that has clothed this land and softened it in the summer months is gone. It is now a place of stone, slate, woo grass and mud.

A cold damp mosaic of greys, . In March last year I was asked by Delicious. Five words from the blurb: Lake District, farming, generations, sheep, land. This book explains what his life is like and how farming has changed . Audio of that conversation is available HERE. He listene and went to work on a companion book, “The . Here he explains what his life is like and why his documenting of . If we look back in recent history, . This Interview with Harriet Fraser reflects his passion for the land and its farming heritage.

So I thought I ought to read the book. Through these report, Rebanks advised the National Park on how best the Lake District could best secure its economic benefit from the bid and the possible inscription. Knowing the words that are written beneath this, it is hard to write an introduction to this blog that will do them justice.

I had the absolute honour of interviewing a writer and farmer that I greatly admire. So this blog is certainly less about what I have to say! For tent-based reading matter I tend to choose titles that span the territory between education and enjoyment and given that I spend a good deal of my work and leisure time in the Lake District, this . He lives and works from his home in the Lake District World Heritage Site, where his family contribute to the maintenance of the cultural .