Guzzle buddy wine glass

Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass, It Turns Your Bottle of. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to. This device turns your wine bottle into a glass.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Jennifer Sullivan, mother of twins, was enjoying a rare moment of down time watching a re-run of one of her favorite sitcoms, Cougar Town.

It just happened to be the episode where Cox and her friends are joking about pouring wine with complaints about spilling, how boring it is and getting “ wine wrist” . You will never drink wine the same way. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below. It all happened while Sullivan was watching a rerun, catching an episode where Cox and friends were drinking wine out of a glass attached to the wine bottle. It was a lightbulb moment — a judgment-free way to drink straight out of the bottle. Or, okay, a less judgy way.

Have you ever wanted to get stuck into a bottle of wine on the commute home, but were thwarted by the lack of a glass ? Beware of counterfeits, knockoffs and cheap imitations sold by other companies.

It is the perfect gift for any. Wine glass topper that turns your wine bottle into your wine glass. Eliminate the worry about the drip from your wine bottle after pouring a glass, staining your clothes or table clothes. Save the time of having to constantly re- filling . Look classy while drinking from the bottle!

Great for Stockings, Easter . POURING WINE IS SUCH A CHORE simply screw this hand blown custom glass into your favorite bottle. It makes drinking from the bottle classy. AERATE, POUR AND DRINK IN ONE EASY STEP. Now you can drink from the bottle without those looks of judgement. HILARIOUS GIFT for wine lovers.

Perfect for wine lovers. A new invention has proven popular online. An added benefit of the funnel design is that as the wine flows freely through the stem and into the glass it gently aerates it releasing the . You know , so you can keep drinking your wine unbothere as you should.

No more mess when drinking your wine and look classy at the same time. Just get this amazing little gadget and be stress and spills free.

You can transform any bottle in an oversized glass that your friends will be amazed with. Just simply open a bottle of your choice . Ever wanted to swill wine from the bottle without sacrificing your reputation? Well, maybe just us who belong to the more ratchet side of things. A bottle of wine is supposed to be classy, but when the liquid content is not actually distributed into other vessels, like a proper wine glass for instance, the posh factor . Pouring wine from a bottle into a glass can be so overrated sometimes. Hey, just want to check in with you real quick.

It has come to our attention that while you have been drinking a good amount of wine, you have not been drinking it as efficiently as possible.