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Look no further for the answer to all of your drinking problems. Immediately tried it out and found it to easily fit most bottles by gently screwing it in. Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass, It Turns Your Bottle of.

The glass is good quality. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below.

It is, in fact, a GIANT bottomless wineglass. Simple – just plug it directly into your wine bottle. As the company motto states, just plug it and chug it! Now you have the perfect gag gift for the wine connoisseur in your life. It all happened while Sullivan was watching a rerun, catching an episode where Cox and friends were drinking wine out of a glass attached to the wine bottle.

It was a lightbulb moment — a judgment-free way to drink straight out of the bottle. Or, okay, a less judgy way. You know , so you can keep drinking your wine unbothere as you should.

Pouring wine from a bottle into a glass can be so overrated sometimes. We interviewed their cofounders. This item will be perfect for camping, picnics and tailgating. When I saw it I loved the idea.

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Because pouring is boring, the oversized glass fits perfectly into the mouth of the bottle, aerates the contents and adds just a bit more elegance to the act of chugging straight from the bottle. POURING WINE IS SUCH A CHORE simply screw this hand blown custom glass into your favorite bottle. It makes drinking from the bottle classy.

AERATE, POUR AND DRINK IN ONE EASY STEP. Now you can drink from the bottle without those looks of judgement. HILARIOUS GIFT for wine lovers.

High Quality Glass, Easy to get in and out of the bottle, Great Gift. Made of 1 borosilicate glass that is shaped like a mini pint glass but with an open stopper. Bufret Oversett denne siden barbie breathitt shares valuable insight into understanding the ways of god and the supernatural realms of vision, dreams, healing, and destiny guzzle buddy gif guzzle buddy wine guzzle buddy patent do democracies faced with these current problems do these things well?

While the Goon Suit is an imaginary product, I can see this being just a matter of time before it becomes a product available for purchase on Amazon, such as the product below.

Wine is one of the rare drinks that successfully straddles the line between classy and sloppy. One can spends hundreds of dollars delicately sipping glasses of chablis at dinner, or spend $11. Franzia until their teeth turn red.

I purchased this for my mom for her birthday because she usually jokes about drinking an entire bottle of wine to herself.