Silkar og motstrømskjøler følger med i pakken. Les tester og omtaler før du skal kjøpe på nett. Specs: Ølbryggeri, Volum 30L. This superior unit includes: 3grade stainless steel superior body tempered glass lid.

No need to take your craft outside, with this fully electric system you are safe to brew indoors!

Fully electric, and self contained. It has a small footprint, but will brew five gallons of beer from all grain using household 1v power. Mashing takes place in the inner Stainless basket, and recirculates through the perforated plate (also SS!), resulting in . What is unique is that no special circuit, plug, or wiring is needed – this runs on any 1volt amp rated plug with a GFCI. Visit this site for more information. It gives home brewers the chance to really experiment with all grain brewing and gain control over their brewing ingredients and process.

BRAND NEW Connect Controller for the G. Make craft beer and spirits with this system.

The options are limitless. Out of the box, theres a few minutes work to do before the fun begins. Grainfather Connect now available! You will need to check everything and make sure all the parts are there, so read the instructions. Shop with confidence on eBay!

And like the Godfather, all those who see it come under its spell. In the same system, you can mash, sparge, boil and cool, using a . I tillegg tester vi Brew in a Box, en begynnerpakke som koster 79-. Den inneholder et såkalt ekstraktbrygg, som lar deg hoppe over hele meskingen og gir deg vørter ved å blande ekstraktet ut i vann. Jørgen Bauman (24) og Anders Vik (28) fra Kristianiastudentenes Haandbryggerlaug . Now you can be a craft brewer like you always wanted to be.

Gone are the days when home-brew meant a batch of beer born in a bathtub, made by . Our products go through rigorous. Noe som betyr mindre utstyr å bruke, rengjøre og ikke minst lagre mellom bryggene dine. Her er det bare å plugge den i støpselet og starte bryggedagen din.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Mashing, sparging, boiling and chilling in one device.

En bryggemaskin som har mulighet til mesking, skylling, kok og kjøling i samme enhet. Full digital control over mash steps.