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Working within the area of design archetypes, Frama represents a graphical and straight forward aesthetic approach to design. Frama – Brands – The most comprehensive selection of Finnish and Scandinavian design online. All in-stock items ships within hours!

Copenhagen-based Frama is forging a new direction in contemporary Danish design , giving its mid-century shapes a new sense of warmth and sophistication. Innen området av design -arketyper representerer FRAMA en grafisk og estetisk rett frem tilnærmelse til design. Ved siden av å tilby forskjellige kolleksjoner, leverer FRAMA kontoret også fullstendig Interior Management og utvikling av stedsspesifikke designløsninger, samt kuraterer scenografier i nært samarbeid med .

Danske Frama produserer møbler, belysning og tilbehør med fokus på kvalitet og et tidløst, rent og ærlig designuttrykk. Produktene signaliserer det grunnleggende , med sine enkle geometriske linjer og naturlige materialer som tre, stål, glass og kork. I vores webshop finder du et stort udvalg af Frama design i vores online shop. Pauls is the first scent in the Apothecary Collection, taking inspiration from the Frama Studio in Copenhagen – the Org. We have encountered their inspirational work repeatedly throughout the last few years, but only recently became aware of the extraordinary Copenhagen-based headquarter and Studio Store of Danish multidisciplinary design firm Frama.

A little under four years ago, the firm traded their industrial space for . Frama is located in Fredericiagade in central Copenhagen, in the former St. Their design characteristic is honest and pure, with a graphical and a straight forward aesthetic approach.

At the end of May they opened the new concept Frama Studio Store with a new interior, working as both a . Présentation de ce studio qui réinvente le design danois tout en bousculant les codes de la décoration mondiale. The Copenhagen-based collective has a working space that is ever changing and experimental, and it is with this aesthetic they have started a new venture – Frama Interior Architecture, transforming the . The chair has a characteristic strong geometric form and simple lines, perfectly fitting the Frama principles, and made out of untreated stainless steel to allow a natural patina to develop over time. Picture above and below made at the Frama Studio apartment during days of Design more of the apartment . A design exchange with Copenhagen based studio FRAMA and Dry Studios from Stockholm.

Exhibiting their designs in each others stores. On a recent trip to Copenhagen we stumbled upon Frama , an interiors store and design studio housed in a beautiful 19th century apothecary in Nyboder, central Copenhagen. Many of the original features have been kept, including the wooden medicine cabinets and ornate ceiling.

Frama is a Scandinavian design agency for international brands and designers. Their products stand for quality and innovation and has the goal to be the leader in each area. The products have clean and simple lines and are made of natural materials like woo steel, glass and cork, typical Scandinavian design. Through a dialogue with the past – and staying loyal to the distinctly Danish model of simplicity, timelessness and an appreciation of the basics . These seemingly disparate threads are drawn together by their common focus on natural materials, simple geometry and the quest for permanence. The Frama headquarters are appropriately . Frama is a Copenhagen based design studio focusing on natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of permanency.

The pieces within the collections indicate a return to basics, where the design appearance aims to be honest and simplified. The young company is located in the old St.

Besides offering the variety of the different Collections, the Frama practice offers complete Interior Management and develops site-specific design solutions and curate a sur- measure scenography in close collaboration with architects and users, from the starting idea until its final materialisation. Frama Studio kjøkken er designet som frittstående møbler, og bygget i solide materialer av tre, stein og metall. LADY Minerals på veggen gir struktur og sanselighet. En av våre favorittbutikker har lenge vært Kollekted by i Oslo – og når Jannicke Kråkvik og . Paulus Pharmacy in central Copenhagen.

New Yorkers can now experience the vibe at Qlty-Life in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where pieces from the design studio are now on view at 1Franklin St.