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Love the look of the retro flip clock ? Get the FlipClock Widget for your Dashboard! A flip clock screensaver for Windows and Mac OS X that tells the time against a black background in either a 12-hour or 24-hour format. Along with the format, the size of the old-fashioned flip clock can also be customize from to 1 of the original size. After downloading and installing this screensaver , you will have a couple options available. Born and raised in France, yet living in the . Old-style clock with flipping numbers.

Developer website: Yuji Adachi. FlipClock is an appropriately named and wonderfully simple screen saver for Mac OS X that does nothing but show you the time in a very nice retro flip clock fashion. Probably many of you all ready got the screensaver , but I thought I would tip you about the pretty screensaver anyways 🙂 Every time my mac takes a quick nap I feel a tiny felling of happiness . Wondering where to find that minimalist flip clock screensaver you see popping up over and over again on your Instagram feed? We will walk you through installation steps, but first, a few of our favorite desk spaces. Learn how to set the Coolest Flip Clock as a Screen Saver on your Mac ! Today we are going to learn “How to set the Coolest Flip Clock as a Screen Saver on your Mac ”. Have you always wanted that black and white flip clock screensaver for your computer?

I just found a real cool screen saver that my brother is using. After a preset time of inactivity your computer screen switches over to an old style flip -over clock. It looks great and is functional. for Mac and Windows. Tips on how to create the Digital Black and White Flip Clock Screensaver Background on the computer.

It does require Adobe Flash Player. Fliqlo: flip clock screensaver. You can also download this . Install Gluqlo Screensaver on Ubuntu. To set up the above shown wallpaper, you need to install a tool dubbed Gluqlo.

Have you seen those cool minimalistic Mac setup photos that have all your favorite gadgets placed on a desktop. A lot of them feature a flip clock Mac screensaver that gives the whole setup a retro and minimalistic look. If you have been looking for that particular flip clock Mac screensaver , then you have come to.

Once downloaded and selecte the screensaver turns your screen into one giant flip clock. I love its retro feel and simple design, and the large .