Feng shui 2017

Chinese animal astrology, Flying Stars and much more. Note: If this is the first feng shui article you are reading and . It is an easy-to-use yet accurate method to discover what energy is in what location, so users can find out where to tap the good and suppress the negative chi for the year. UJ For discount use code: disc( discount) Feng shui.

With it knocking on our doorsteps, everyone wants to ensure they get a good start to the New Year.

Feng Shui masters are valued in the Orient by those looking to . By the end of each year, we look back and introspect on the goo bad and the ugly. And with the onset of the New Year, we . One of the biggest changes in the Year of the Rooster is the ability to find opportunities where there had only been brick walls last year. These feng shui tips will help you . For example, if your bagua number is then your feng shui star is in the house of wealth this year – so focus on your finances and prosperity.

It never hurts to prime our home to attract good fortune, especially as we welcome a new year.

This week, we met Lois R. Alog, a practitioner of Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui. See his notes on the home, below! Find out which will do well and which will struggle in wealth, money, health and family life. Every year, the annual feng shui stars change their position, this affects the outcome of events in your life, knowing and using the favorable rooms in your home and office can be an added advantage in business and personal life.

Just have a good style to live. That is lifestyle feng shui made . Think of “hygge” (pronounced “HOO-guh”) as a softer, cozier counterpart to feng shui. Any creative or visionary knows that constant change is almost mandatory to keep things oiled and moving. Creatives also know when something has been the same for too long. Although some say it is pseudoscience, many practical tips, including decluttering, can be utilized to feel more positive.

SINGLE, taken, or in the dark? How would you define your current relationship status? If your affairs of the heart could use some excitement, you need not look farther than your immediate environment, according to a feng shui expert.

Do not disturb the Grand Duke Jupiter which resides in the West this year, at the risk of activating the negative energy of this star which causes bad luck, loss, illness and misfortune.

So do not dig, cut or renovate in this sector. At work, make sure that this area is not occupied by your office, meeting or . How do you describe Christmas – delightful, happy, time to bond or an absolute nerve wrecking nightmare? Every year surveys reveal that more and more people find the holiday season “stressful”. Right from your Christmas tree placement to your Christmas eve party, a little bit of feng shui magic can make your Christmas .