Chrome powder

Explore OPI chrome powders for shimmering shades. From glitzy golds to mesmerizing metallic, try the nail trend that . Denne nye generasjonen av pulver gir et høyt nivå av glans med den unike speilglans-effekten. Pulveret skaper en jevn og flat overflate. True mirror chrome finish manicure, works best with gel polishes.

Chrome Nail Art Magic Powder.

MIRROR POWDER Exclusive. Clients keep asking for different kind of mirror nails. Ultra fine chrome powder that will make your nails look like mirror! This mica powder has the highest quality on the market.

Its like having your finger nails chrome so shiny, so different. But not all chroming powders are the same. So many reviews, so many levels of shininess (if thats a word), . Step by step tutorials and instructions to help you re-create stunning nail art designs.

Nail tech Mike Dillon of Tulsa, Okla. Presenting the full range of SensatioNail chrome nail powder – now you can create stunning chrome gel polish manicures! Lightweight chrome powder to be used with gel polish only.

Create the hottest mirror nails with our chrome powder ! Works with Missu non wiping gel top coat. Create different shades of chrome by changing gel polish colours. Create out-of-this world nails with these new reflective chrome powders.

Made from high quality pigments for a true mirror finish. Experiment by applying different Gel II gel polish colors under the Stellar Silver chrome powder to create a rainbow of colored chrome nails. Or, create a vibrant prismatic effect with the chrome . The SHINIEST of all our powders! Achieve a true mirror effect with the finest powder specially formulated to create an uber-shine! Apply layer of Aprés Top . Visit Eastwood now to get yours now!

Get the best nails with this chrome powder nail kit! Set includes a black base coat, silver . Give your nails a futuristic, mirrored finish with the use of this mint chrome powder nail kit.

Brush off excess powders. Nude nails dusted with diamond chrome powder = the manicure of our dreams. Using a foam eyeshadow brush or a similar applicator, collect some chrome powder and then rub it onto the nail. You will need to rub (think of it like buffing silverware) until your nails shine like a star in the sky,” explains Mitty.

Finish off your buffing with a clean applicator for an even shinier result.