Branche charmeuse

Hva er det som har mest nærkontakt med huden og håret ditt i løpet av en dag? Hodeputen din, eller nærmere bestemt putetrekket ditt! Branché Charmeuse silkeputetrekk.

Silke opprettholder naturlig fuktighetsbalansen i huden og håret, og er ekstra skånsom mot hyper sensitiv hud. Silkens glatte overflate vil forebygge . FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

Transform your pillow into a luxurious pampering beauty treatment. Read customer reviews, discover product details and more. Både Oprah, Kim Kardashian og Beyonce har gått ut å fortalt at dette er det eneste putetrekket de bruker.

A silk charmeuse pillowcase embodies luxury and kickstarts your beauty routine by protecting your skin from morning facial creases and smoothing your hair while diminishing frizz and hair damage. Hand sewn silk is stuffed with silk fibers for a feather light mask that will filter light while pampering your delicate eye area. The 1percent silk cases prevents wrinkles by minimizing morning facial creases and extends the life of your hairstyle. Inspired by her mothers satin pillow slip used to keep her hairstyle between weekly visits to the hairdresser.

Sleep in luxury and awake looking your best. The ultra-smooth silk charmeuse of our pillowcase pampers delicate facial skin, minimizing the creases other fabrics can create.

A dermatologist once told me that he could tell what side I slept on more often because I had more tiny wrinkles on that side of my face. The thinking makes sense – since silk is like a protein similar to our hair, using a silk pillow case to sleep on would have benefits to the outer layer of our hair too. Free Shipping from Fig Linens.

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Sov i luksus mens du beskytter håret, frisyren og forebygger rynker. With our dynamic pricing model, our prices are always competitive. Luxurious Softness… Irresistibly the Only Choice. Prevents wrinkles by minimizing morning facial creases. Extends the life of your hairstyle.

Wake up looking fabulous, makes your morning routine a breeze!