Autoglym intensive tar remover

Vanskelige asfalt- og tjæreflekker løses opp og renner av. Bjørn-Aage viser hvor enkelt det er å fjerne asfaltrester fra billakken. It can then be wiped off or.

In this video we show you how to remove tar spots from your car bodywork. During warm weather the road surface can disintegrate and small specks of tar are flicked onto your bodywork. Simply use before routine washing and rinse clean during shampoo process.

Quick and easy to apply and instantly dissolves tar, simples. Suitable for use on rubber, synthetic . British Royal Warrant Autoglym of intensive tar remover , not get in a normal shampoo, remove the marked with tar stain painted surfaces and plastic. Just wait a minute or two paint directly to the place marked with tar with a soft cloth, it has tar flow.

Do it wipe off with a clean soft cloth, it will be easy to clean. In higher temperatures the road surfaces can disintegrate and small pieces of tar can latch onto your vehicle reducing the appearance of your car, especially light coloured vehicles. These spots show up especially well on light coloured cars and can ruin otherwise perfect paint.

Tar can be very difficult to remove and shampoo alone will not work.

Tar spots are unsightly and stain certain paint finishes. No damage was observed to the alloy wheel painted surface. I recommend this product after satisfactory personal experience . Flekkene vises spesielt godt på biler med lyse farger og kan ødelegge en lakk som ellers er perfekt.

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Lämpimällä säällä tienpinnasta voi irrota. AUTOGLYM INTENSIVE TAR REMOVER – 325ML. Teervlekken ontsieren uw lak en veroorzaken soms zelfs vlekken in de lak.

Autoglym intensieve teervewijderaar lost direct teer op van lakoppervlakken en kunststof, waardoor het eraf geveegd kan worden of weggewassen tijdens een reguliere shampoobeurt. Intensive Tar Remover will also remove adh.