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If you do something of your own accor you do it without being asked to do it: 3. If people do something with one accor they do it together and in complete agreement:. English dictionary definition of accord. To give or grant, especially as being due or appropriate: accorded the president the proper deference.

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If you clean your room of your own accord , your parents will be pleased—it means you did it without having to be asked. They might even accord you an extra privilege. Warring nations make peace accords. Synonyms for accord at Thesaurus.

Dictionary and Word of the Day. An accord is defined as an agreeable relationship. Accord and a full course to give you the.

An example of an accord is a peace keeping agreement between two countries.

Jankélévitch, Le Je-ne-sais-quoi et le presque-rien . They accorded the president great honor. It calls for a harmonised three-tier system – undergraduate, masters and doctorate – creating a common structure that can be readily understood by employers and institutions across the region. Pronunciation: schwa – primarystress k odot rd.

Help Contact Us Privacy Policy . Definition of Bologna Accord. This action would not be in accord with our policy. Botanists are not in complete accord about how many species exist. He came back of his own accord.

The symptoms will clear up of their own. Our society accords great importance to the family. There were complaints about the special treatment accorded to some minority groups.

Satisfaction means that the parties to the agreement fulfill their obligations under the accord. When there is accord and satisfaction under a contract, the parties to the contract have fulfilled their obligations and the contract has fulfilled its purpose. For example, if Company XYZ . A harmonious agreement, especially between countries.

An offer to substitute a different obligation for one that was previously owe plus the acceptance of that offer. Either of the parties involved can propose an accord. If the newly substituted obligation is actually performe the performance is called a. An agreement ( accord ) between two contracting parties to accept alternate performance to discharge a preexisting duty between them and the subsequent performance (satisfaction) of that agreement. Brève définition – Équipe Perspective monde.

Définition : Entente entre personnes résultant.